Q: I don't live in EU or the USA, can you ship to my location?

A: Yes, we can definitely ship your sex doll, as long as your country doesn't restrict sex dolls. Q: Is it really free shipping?

Q: Is it really free shipping?

A: Yes, we cover all shipping cost, and your doll. For free shipping we cover the freight cost, but not the cost of clearing customs  For customers elsewhere you are responsible for custom clearance yourself.

Q: Is it really discreet shipping?

A: We make sure to be as discreet as possible.  We don't label our boxes to indicate what is inside.  If you want to make sure you receive your doll personally you can have it delivered to the nearest UPS/Fedex delivery depot.

we try our best to be careful and discreet as we understand the importance of our clients’ privacy. Our dolls arrive in wooden crates or a cardboard boxes, depending the model. There is no specific indication or labeling on the box that reveal the contents inside.  In case you want to make sure that you receive your doll personally, it is possible to request a picking delivery, we can leave the parcel on any Fedex/DHL location close to your location and you can pick it up by yourself.

Q: How safe is the payment?

A: All Aidolls transactions via credit card are done via Paypal, the world's best known secure payment processor.  Paypal covers any transaction under its “Paypal customer protection policy”. !

Q: How long is the delivery?

A:  It can take about 10-20 days from order to delivery

Product Related'

Q: Can I request for custom make-up and accessories for my doll?

A: Yes, you can we will do our best to accommodate special request.  Please let us know what request you want by filling the note section of the order.

Usage & Maintenance:

Q. How to prepare my doll for sex?

A: First hear her up with a electric blanket, then apply lube in the insert you want to use.

Q: How do I clean my doll after use?

A: For removable inserts, remove the inserts and wash them with warm water with mild detergent as well as any antibacterial soap. Otherwise, wash the opening with the same method.

If you you don’t find any of your question up here, please send us a message, we will contact you within 24 houts.