140cm Sex Doll Brenda

$1,700.00 each

Skin Color
Hair Color
Eye Color
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You have been Brenda going out with Brenda for about two years, and right now you are heading off with her to her seaside family home..  After a two hour drive, you get there, and to be frank its quite lovely.  After unpacking, Brenda grabs you by the hand, grinning and laughing widely, takes you to the master bedroom.  She pushes you down to the bed, and she start stripping and dancing.  She is an amazing dancer, that toned TPE body in full display. Here breasts bounce up and down as she dances to the pulsating music.  After two minutes she is totally naked. She bends down and starts to unzip your pants. What is she going to do?

Well for one thing Brenda doesn't disappoint when it comes to sucking and fucking.   Her mouth creates a very pleasurable sucking sensation when you insert your penis into her.  Her vagina is realistic and sensual.  And her breasts bounce up and down as you pound her.

HEIGHT: 140cm

WEIGHT: 60lbs

DIMENSIONS: B Cup 72cm, 52cm Waist, 83cm Hip