140cm TPE Sex Doll Macy

$1,700.00 each

Skin Color
Hair Color
Eye Color
Finger Nail Color




Macy is the cute receptionist that works in the office next door.  She likes to flirt with all the staff on the floor.  She always makes sure she comes dressed sexy and looking good.  She makes sure she wears low cut blouse to accentuate those firm C cup breasts of hers.  She some nice shapely legs.  And her face is like a anime doll.  it can turn the most hard hearted accountant in to mush.

Recently she has taken a liking to you  She drops by your desk to flirt with you.  On occasion when no one is around, you have made out with her, kissing those lush sensuously lips, feel here firm breasts.  She is very strong for her size and likes to dominate you as you make out.  This weekend she invited you for a date.  Are you ready?

HEIGHT: 140cm

WEIGHT: 60lbs

DIMENSIONS: C Cup 72cm, 52cm Waist, 83cm Hip